This is a brief excerpt from my work as a photographer, many years of dedication to catch the fleeting beauty of light, color and harmonic forms, wandering the five continents, after the most of the time, to register with the cameras the natural beauty that excites me. My work focuses not exclusively but to a large extent, in the world of Nature. My career as a naturalist was the child who imbibed the beauty of their surroundings and, subsequently expanded its horizons and conceptualized what you passionate and passionate while still alive.



A profile use should note that in my long life as a photographer I have seen my work materialized in several exhibitions, both individual and collective, in print editions of various books, posters, websites, etc. In the geographical scope of my images have been provided through the market, apart from a few assignments for altruistic collaborations, published in 18 countries.



The above lines are an attempt to endorse my photographs, weighting my graphics work based on their social impact. But above this, I understand, it is to weigh the value of each image, if you have it, in the sense that they are able to move, inserting them into the storyline of years of dedication. All photographic capture is a frantic attempt to capture reality, distilling the time a static scene -is nothing but photography - empecinándote something impossible, to stop the unstoppable future life is to convey the sensations perceived.



Finally indicate that besides the aesthetic criteria have searched wildlife images show some peculiar behavior or display some special characteristic of the species although this is of course in some cases prefer them to other greater visual harmony.